2019 Demonstration Artists’ Schedule

Friday, September 20

TimeRoyal 1Diamond 1Diamond 2 
9:00-10:00 amPierre GuidettiMarilyn JohansenAtlee Harmon
Savoir-Faire"Creative Composition""Watercolor Portraits with
10:25-11:25 amCarol FryeLinda LucasJoy Robertson
"Chaos, Color & Creativity" " Add New Life to Your "Exploring the Facets of
Watercolor Paintings Watercolor for the Beginner"
with Acrylic Inks"
11:50-12:50 pmJim BeechDana DaydodgeChristine Peloquin
The Power of Contrast"Overpainting: Turning "Transparent Painting
Old Paintings into New" Over 2D Mixed Medi"a
1:15-2:15 pmCarrie WallerXi GuoJanet King
Digital Critique"Ashes of Rose"“Embracing our Diversity"
2:40-3:40 pmCarrie WallerLinda WokounDonna Morrrison
Digital Critique"Positive Flow, Negative"Find Your Voice in
Control" Your Work"
3:40-4:00 pmEnjoy the Trade Show,Enjoy the Trade Show,Enjoy the Trade Show,
Raffle, & Silent Auction!Raffle, & Silent Auction!Raffle, & Silent Auction!

Saturday, September 21

TimeRoyal 1Diamond 1Diamond 2 
9:15-10:15 amTeresa KirkFrank SpinoJenny Medved
"Finding History Through"Attention to Detail""Smooth Gradient
the Beauty of the Mark Backgrounds"
on Aquabord"
10:40-11:05 amCarrie Waller Libit JonesSue Pink
Demo"Color Basics for"Abstract Magic"
12:05-1:05 pmCarrie Waller Carol BrodyElaine Charney
DemoExploring Color & "Watercolor and Ink-Add
Texture in Watercolora Little Drama to
Your Work"
1:30-2:30 pmCarol CarterCheryl FauselEnjoy the Trade Show,
Exhibition Review"Tipoffs for Watercolor:Raffle, & Silent Auction!
Pre Paid EventTips I Wish I Had Known
When I Started"
2:55-3:55 pmCarol CarterEnjoy the Trade Show,Enjoy the Trade Show,
Exhibition ReviewRaffle, & Silent Auction!Raffle, & Silent Auction!
Pre Paid Event