How do I join Florida Watercolor Society?

In order to join and be a participating member, you must be a Florida resident (have a mortgage, lease or FL driver’s license). Click here and it will take you to an application form. You can join online using your credit card or down load the “New Membership” form and mail the completed form with your check to the designated address. There is also a nonresident Membership that entitles you to all Membership privileges, except voting and entering the annual exhibition. If you move out of state, you may retain your participating Membership with full privileges.

What benefits will I receive if I join FWS?
As an Associate Member you will be eligible for entering our annual Exhibition and our annual online exhibition. You will receive our newsletter that is published three times during the year and will be eligible to hold office. You will become part of the largest state watercolor organization in the country. And you will meet many artists who will become friends and mentors for life.
What is a Signature Membership?
A member who has been juried into three (3) FWS annual Exhibitions receives Signature status. When first juried into a FWS annual Exhibition you become a “Participating Member (P-1) and upon second acceptance to the FWS annual Exhibition you become a Participating Member (P-2) Member.
When is the FWS Convention and Exhibition and where is it held?
Our Convention and Exhibition is normally held in September. We vary the location in order to ensure we bring the event close to our member on an equitable basis.
When do I make my reservations to attend?
In May of each year dues paid members are sent a Convention and Exhibition announcement. If you are not a member, you will find the reservations information on our web page. Just follow the instructions and either register online or send your check, payable to the FWS, for our Convention, Workshops, Banquet and Critiques.
What do I have to do to enter the annual exhibition?
You must be a member in good standing and have paid your annual dues by the website advertised deadline (usually the end of March) of the current year. The Prospectus, which is the entry form with all the instructions, will be mailed to you in May. Accompanying the Prospectus will be the Convention Brochure containing all the information you will need to register for the Convention workshops, critiques and banquet.
Can I register for Convention activities on the FWS website?
Yes, the conventional registration form will appear on the website in early May and is the quick and easy way to register for all of the workshops and convention activities using paypal or your credit card, or you can register by mail and send a check.
How do I prepare the digital images and submit the entry form?
The Prospectus contains all the information you’ll need for your digital submission. It’s most important that you label your CD or email submission correctly as this is the method used to file and maintain our records of your entry. We receive over 800 entries, therefore it’s important that your submission form must be properly completed.
Why does FWS have so many rules for the painting content and frame size and color?
We strive for a homogeneous watermedia exhibition that can be hung in the galleries or museums designed to illuminate the paintings. Most important is that we maintain our tradition of using watermedia and not other materials that distract from watermedia materials. We continually update our rules to ensure that we are inclusive of new materials. Therefore watercolor, acrylic in an aqueous manner, gouache, egg tempura and casein are permitted. Not acceptable are oils of any kind, impasto acrylics, pastels, computer generated art, laser prints, and giclee prints.
Definition of a watercolor painting
Watercolor painting is defined as painting in water-soluble media on all surfaces created for watermedia, framed and placed under suitable glazing material (Plexiglas). For example: paper, clay coated surfaces (Clayboard, Aquabord), synthetic surfaces, (Yupo, Tygerag), illustration board, paper mounted board and flat watercolor canvas would be allowed.
Can collage be used within my submitted paintings?
Watermedia must be the dominant element. The only collage allowed is paper, hand painted by the artist. Photographs or printed materials as collage are not allowed.
Can glass be used to cover my framed painting?
No, only plexiglass may be used to cover paintings.
What supports are permitted?
Paper, treated paper, synthetic paper, paper mounted on board, under plexiglass are all acceptable.
What does “original painting” mean?
The artist has to use his or her own design and composition. Copying a photo taken by another person, or copying another painting or magazine picture, or work done under an instructor’s supervision is not considered original work.
Are there specific requirements for frames and mats?
Frames should be plain and simple, metal or wood, not ornate, carved, beaded or colored. (However, black or white frames are acceptable). Maximum frame width is three (3) inches and frame size is to be no larger than 60 inches in either direction. The frame must be wired for hanging in the orientation intended by the artist. All paintings must be under plexiglass only. Mats, if used, must be single or double, white only with no colored liners.
How can my friend join Florida Watercolor Society?

Click here and it will take you to the FWS New Member form (see instructions) or it can be downloaded and mailed to our 1st Vice President who is the FWS Membership Chairperson.

How can I participate in donating money for FWS Awards?

We give an annual Scholarship Award to a deserving art student enrolled in a Florida college or university, and a Congressional Award to a student in a participating Congressional district. Invitations are sent to members and merchants requesting they donate toward our awards winners. In the past we have collected over $14,000 annually for distribution to our award-winning artists. If you wish to participate in our Awards, please contact the FWS 2nd Vice President via mail or email, stating your wish to participate. Your grateful gift will be publicized at our Convention, Exhibition, newsletter and in our Official Exhibition Catalogue.

How do I link my website on the FWS website?

If you are an up to date dues paying FWS member you are authorized to be linked on our website. Using the members area of our website, click on Update My Contact Information, then fill out the field titled URL and click update. This will automatically add you to the Artists Links page. Alternatively, You can contact the Director of Communications who is the Newsletter/Website contact (click on the contacts & Bylaws tab for email address/telephone number).

Leave a Legacy to FWS

Leave a legacy to the Florida Watercolor Society Inc. with your will or living trust and create an enduring legacy through your gift. Your gift will help keep the funding of our scholarship program for future artists. Unless a bequest of any kind is clearly stated in your will, your desires might not be honored as you intended so please consider FWS in our estate planning. FWS needs your support. Contact the Director of Operations located on the Contacts & Bylaws tab.

How To Get Involved

Contact the current President if you would like to volunteer to work on projects for FWS.