Online Show

I would like to thank every artist who submitted work to this show. I personally know how much emotion and thought are invested in creating a work of art. It is a reflection of yourself as an artist and it takes guts to put your art out into the world. It is always a wonderful feeling to be included in a show and an even bigger honor to be chosen as a winner, but I want you to know that I have been on both sides of this equation. Being rejected is hard! It can knock you down and make you question yourself as an artist. I have had every emotion possible during my artist journey and I want to encourage you to put brush to paper and keep painting and sharing your artistic vision.

Judging a show is subjective and each judge brings his or her life experiences and knowledge to the table. In choosing this show, I was looking for pieces with strong compositions and a graphic quality that drew me into the painting. The second criteria that I was looking for was careful consideration to the colors in the compositions and how they worked together. I also looked for technical merit: did the artist achieve the desired effect and handle the water media well? The paintings that I chose for the awards were paintings that met the above criteria and that I was drawn to. I spent a long time with your creations, really taking in your artistic vision, thank you for sharing them with me. It is an honor to select this show and the awards.

Carrie Waller, 2020 FWS Online Show Judge

2020 Online Show Winners

2020 Online Show Artists