Our Art Holiday has Gone Online

Four Online Interactive Workshops Available

Our physical workshops for 2020 may have been canceled due to hosting complications because of the Coronavirus.  But that won’t stop us from having that Art Holiday we were planning.  We have come up with four great online workshops taught by four great instructors and artists.  All will be held on Zoom Live so there will be interaction with the instructor and each other.  Don’t know what Zoom Live is?  Don’t worry, it’s easy and we will be providing instruction upfront.  All you will need is a computer or laptop with a camera in it, or yes, and your paints, brushes, and paper.

Four-Day Workshops

David Smith, AWS, NWS

David Smith

A Watercolor Journey

September 8th – 11th, 2020, $240 members, non-members $275

David enjoys the challenge of working in harmony with a fluid medium.  By providing the proper environment, surrendering some control, and working with the medium, the most beautiful results ofttimes occur naturally.  To keep the paintings from getting too precise, and instead, to convey a feeling of aliveness, David utilizes a number of techniques such as working wet into wet, glazing, pouring, spattering, and spraying.  He depicts a subject in great light, capitalizing on the contrast developed by light and shadow, while showcasing the assortment of jewels that happen naturally through the fluid medium.

David will teach using Streaming Live through YouTube with feedback sessions done through Zoom live. Teaching sessions will be recorded and available for 31 days following the workshop

Go to the website below to get all the reference materials you need for the workshop, including photos, drawings, black and white value photos, and David’s finished painting.

Reference Materials 

Material List

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Sandy Maudlin

Maudlin Portrait


September 15th – 18th, 2020; $240 members, non-members $275

Beginning artists will be able to create their own beautiful works of art using Sandy Maudlin’s “tape” batik process, and more experienced artists will love the unique textures and surprises of color that result from “tape” batik. And for this workshop, you CAN paint, even if you don’t know how to draw. Using transparent watercolors on Arches watercolor paper, along with some masking tape, each artist in this workshop will develop a one-of-a-kind painting that will be ‘hidden’ until the last day. Subject matter to paint is your choice, and Sandy will have several photos with her if you need inspiration. Each day will include well-organized demonstrations of this technique, followed by studio time and lots of individualized attention. An informative critique at the end workshop will help, not only with technique, but also with composition and design of your artwork. With Sandy, paper and Yupo, liquid acrylics, watercolor, watercolor pencils, and just about anything else is fair game as a material to create expressive art. Sandy holds a degree in art education from Indiana University and teaches workshops throughout the country as well as overseas. Her passion is to paint, and she loves to share what she has learned with other aspiring artists.

Material List

White Marking Pen

White Marking Pen

Duck Masking Tape

Duck Masking Tape


One-Day Workshops

John Bayalis, FWS

Bayalis Headshot

Luminous Landscapes

September 16, 2020
$75 members, $85 members

Workshop Full – Waitlist only

John Bayalis has been the recipient of numerous awards throughout the United States and has painted abroad in Ireland, England and France. Noted for his distinct, realist style, the artist’s skill at handling contemporary themes and subject matter has earned him acclaim from art critics and collectors throughout the United States. John was featured in the Feb. 2019 Watercolor Artist Magazine. Among his honors are an award of an individual artist’s fellowship grant and the selection for The Watercolor Page in American Artist Magazine where one of his works graced the cover. He paints realistic images of local scenes, both in St. Petersburg, and of other places he has lived and work. He is also known for his unique still life arrangements featuring unusual viewpoints.

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BigStoneBeach Web

Kim Minichiello, AWS, AWA, FWS

©Kim Minichiello

Color Theory Simplified & Painting Boldly with a Limited Palette

September 29, 2020
$75 members, $85 members

Workshop Full – Waitlist only

With just three primary colors, you can mix all that you need to complete a beautifully harmonized painting.  Many artists find there are too many choices and are intimidated by all the tubes of color available.  Choose only  a few and you will find it very liberating!  Join Kim for this, two part, one day workshop. In the morning she will focus on color theory. Using a red, a yellow, and a blue you will mix an infinite amount of color options. She will also show you how color temperature is an important concept in her painting process.  She will also cover mixing a variety of neutrals and grays, as well as neutralizing color for a more natural, less garish appearance than some straight tube colors. Confused about shadow colors? She will cover that too.  After doing a number of color exercises in the morning, in the afternoon you will work on a painting using a limited palette and all the knowledge you gained from the morning session. Kim will also cover the painting techniques unique to her process: bold color focusing on water to pigment ratio, value structure, and color temperature. 

Kim Minichiello is an internationally recognized award-winning artist whose career in art and design has spanned more than 30 years.  She has won numerous awards, most notably the Winsor & Newton Award in the 151st American Watercolor Society Exhibition.  She has been featured in global publications including the December 2018 issue of Watercolor Artist.

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