Four-Day Workshops

Michael Reardon


California native Michael Reardon has been painting in watercolor for over thirty years.  An avid traveler, he uses watercolor to record his observations, convey a sense of place and light, and communicate his impressions of the built, natural and imagined worlds. In 2017, he received the Ogden & Mary Pleissner Award from the American Watercolor Society. In 2005, he was the recipient of the prestigious Gabriel Prize from the Western European Architecture Foundation, enabling him to spend three months painting in Paris. Michael and his work have been featured in numerous articles over the last few years, including Watercolor Artist, Plein Air Magazine, and the Art of Watercolour. Michael will share information from his book, Watercolor Techniques. He will share some of his insights into painting and how to enjoy it. Through demonstrations and hands-on painting, Michael will show ways to simplify and create dynamic compositions, work quickly and decisively, and capture the essence of a scene convincingly. He will cover the use of a limited palette, dynamic color mixing, and the use of light and value to describe form. Michael is known for his unusual formats and compositions.

Artist’s Statement
The main goal of my workshops is to assist students achieve improved painting skills. I have found that individualized attention toward yields the best results, using techniques that I have developed to clearly explain the material.  I believe that demonstrations are valuable but have found that the most effective way to teach is through active learning. Most of the education happens while students are actively painting, and during the final review. As a result, workshop students come out with a much stronger sense of composition, and almost always find that their painting skills have improved.

Michael Reardon Workshop Materials

Sandy Maudlin


Beginning artists will be able to create their own beautiful works of art using Sandy Maudlin’s “tape” batik process, and more experienced artists will love the unique textures and surprises of color that result from “tape” batik. And for this workshop, you CAN paint, even if you don’t know how to draw. Using transparent watercolors on Arches watercolor paper, along with some masking tape, each artist in this workshop will develop a one-of-a-kind painting that will be ‘hidden’ until the last day. Subject matter to paint is your choice, and Sandy will have several photos with her if you need inspiration. Each day will include well-organized demonstrations of this technique, followed by studio time and lots of individualized attention. An informative critique at the end workshop will help, not only with technique, but also with composition and design of your artwork. With Sandy, paper and Yupo, liquid acrylics, watercolor, watercolor pencils, and just about anything else is fair game as a material to create expressive art. Sandy holds a degree in art education from Indiana University and teaches workshops throughout the country as well as overseas. Her passion is to paint, and she loves to share what she has learned with other aspiring artists.

Artist’s Statement
If you love texture and gorgeous color, this workshop is for you. Subject matter can be whatever YOU want to paint. There’s just no limit what can be created on YUPO.  Using both Transparent Watercolor and Fluid Acrylics, you’ll learn to master several special techniques for creating your own masterpieces We will be exploring three very different processes during our workshop, and you’ll learn many techniques for effectively paint on Yupo.  You will be creating several one-of-a-kind paintings, with your own choice of subject matter.  

Sandy Maudlin Workshop Materials

One-Day Workshops

John Bayalis

Luminous Landscapes

John Bayalis has been the recipient of numerous awards throughout the United States and has painted abroad in Ireland, England and France. Noted for his distinct, realist style, the artist’s skill at handling contemporary themes and subject matter has earned him acclaim from art critics and collectors throughout the United States. John was featured in the Feb. 2019 Watercolor Artist Magazine. Among his honors are an award of an individual artist’s fellowship grant and the selection for The Watercolor Page in American Artist Magazine where one of his works graced the cover. He paints realistic images of local scenes, both in St. Petersburg, and of other places he has lived and work. He is also known for his unique still life arrangements featuring unusual viewpoints.

Artist’s Statement
Watercolor can be a particularly elusive medium to use in painting. The common impressions are that it is very transparent, difficult to control and impossible to correct. We think of it for fluid loose paint application that allows for expression and not control. This leads one to think that it would hardly be the best choice for a controlled work with an emphasis on a hyper realist look. But this is exactly what I am suggesting and have used watercolor in my own work to this goal. What I have come to understand is that watercolor can be used in ways different than those alluded to above. The transparency of the colors gives a luminous quality to the work that is unsurpassed in any other media.

John Bayalis Workshop Materials List

Dana Daydodge

From Failed to Fabulous

Dana has developed several unique approaches to painting, including one she calls Doodle that morphs into finished paintings and a technique she calls Fractured. In this workshop, Dana will teach her overpainting process to turn old paintings into new using casein and gouache. She will provide the casein, you provide the “failed” paintings and your paints. At the end of the day you will have turned “failed to fabulous.” Dana lives in Haines City but is originally from Chicago. She graduated from the American Academy of Art in Chicago where she learned watercolor. She is a Signature Member of the Illinois Watercolor Society, Florida Watercolor Society, Georgia Watercolor Society and the Tallahassee Watercolor Society. Dana is an award-winning artist and popular workshop instructor.

Artist’s Statement
Overpainting is taking an old, unsatisfactory watercolor and negatively painting a new one over it.   Those old paintings will get a new, interesting life and while you will be having fun. The best part of overpainting is the outcome. It’s a wonderful surprise.

Dana Daydodge Workshop Materials List